Cedric "Honet"
Born in 1972
Lives and works in Paris, France

" I started graffiti in 1988, painting some walls along the lines tracks and on trains beginning of the 90', in Paris, then across all Europe from London to Bucharest, from Helsinki to Athens and far away cities such as Moscow, Beijing or Tokyo !"

Honet rules out completely the idea of introducing sensu stricto graffiti in the exhibition area. So when he's not working for Prada or showing his paintings in the Speerstra gallery; he considers graffiti in his own way, that is to say like a practise : an "act" and not just its result. Graffiti is recorded as an act with "symbolic" nature, a day to day action. He joins gothic illustration inspired mosltly by his life in movement together with the romantic exploration and recycling of abandoned, forgotten and hidden places. Everytime he takes a trip through europe, the beauty of his works stands all along the way as a modern "via crucis". That's why he choose so meticulously the spots where to leave his creatures and his words. Through skeletons, monsters, dead ladies and wired text he describes a world that only exist deep inside !